Introduction to cold recycling technology

For contractors, customers, project engineers, field engineers, road authorities and concessionaires

General information
  • Location: Virtual (MS Teams platform)
  • Cost: No charge
  • Duration: 3 hours
European Time Zones
  • To be confirmed
Asian Time Zones
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Latin American Time Zones
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This seminar offers delegates the opportunity to meet internationally recognised experts in the field of pavement engineering and to learn about the fundamental differences between pavement layers constructed using conventional materials (e.g. graded crushed stone, hot mix asphalt, cement stabilised material) and those constructed using recycled material
stabilised with bitumen (BSM).

This will allow delegates to recognise that recycling pavement materials offers numerous benefits, not only in economic terms but also environmental. In addition, should they wish to pursue this subject, details of a comprehensive training programme offered through Wirtgen’s Recycling Technology Partner, Loudon International, is explained.

Seminar focus
  • A fundamental understanding of construction materials, stabilising agents and the different recycling processes
  • How to select projects that are suitable for this technology
  • An introduction to the laboratory procedures required to determine the optimum mix ingredients and characteristics of the treated material
  • An introduction to alternative pavement design procedures suited to determining the thickness of recycled / stabilised layers
  • Construction options for recycling pavement materials and stabilising with bitumen
  • The benefits of applying cold recycling / bitumen stabilisation technology