General information
  • Dates to be confirmed
  • Location: Virtual (MS Teams platform)
  • Facilitator: Prof. Kim Jenkins
  • Presenter: Prof. Kim Jenkins and Dr. Fenella Johns

Loudon International and Rubicon Solutions present a four-day training course on Pavement and Rehabilitation Design for BSMs.  The course focuses on the theory of pavement rehabilitation design, with practical implementation of the concepts discussed as applicable to BSMs. 

The following topics are covered
  • Fundamentals of pavement materials, failure mechanisms, performance and design
  • Pavement Design Methods:
    • AASHTO Design Method
    • Pavement Number (2020) Method
    • Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Method, including calculation of stresses and strains
  • Pavement performance history, including initial assessment, data processing and reporting
  • Processing, analysis and reporting of materials test data, including BSM mix design results
  • Analysis of deflections and backcalculation
  • Condition summary and formulation of design assumptions
  • Rehabilitation pavement design using BSMs
Who Should Attend?

This course is not an introductory course in pavement engineering, although key concepts are presented.  The course is suited to participants who have had some exposure to pavement engineering.  Some understanding of BSMs is advised.  This can be gained through the Technology Training Course on Cold Recycling that is also offered by Loudon International as a preparatory course.

Course overview

During the course, short lectures on the theory of the concepts are given, followed by an exercise relevant to the topic under discussion. The exercises are completed with the Rubicon Toolbox Online software ( to implement the concepts discussed. 

The exercises use data from an actual rehabilitation project for a structured and systematic evaluation of a pavement for rehabilitation with BSMs.  A large portion of the course time is spent working on exercises, hence a “hands-on” experience is guaranteed. A working knowledge of essential and more advanced tools in the Rubicon Toolbox software is established. The class sizes are limited to facilitate discussion and individual attention.  

The course is presented by Professor Kim Jenkins and Dr Fenella Johns, who are experienced in Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation Design. It is currently presented remotely through live virtual sessions with the delegates.